Mecoeye Authenticity

Mecoeye adheres to product safety first, service consistency, and is committed to creating an outstanding high standard contact lens brand that accord with international quality verification, such as US FDA, ISO and CE Medical Device Operating Enterprise License.

100% Guaranteed Authenticity

 As one of responsible contact lens suppliers, Mecoeye always makes a stand against fake and bad quality contact lenses. We always think that protect each customers health and benefit is our sacred duty and obligation. These are some simple tips that can help you distinguish the fake colored contact lenses in short time.

 Since the colored eye contacts belong to medical equipment that are highly regulated by government, only suppliers by regulation can get Operator's Certificate for medical equipment. When you purchase circle lenses, you can require the seller show you this licence. Don't buy color lenses in the company or factory that haven't own this permit.

Every qualified colored contact lenses holds one unique registration number, which means it ’s allowed to be sold in market. Therefore, when you buy eye lens, you can request seller provide you this number. If not, you ’d better choose another one.

If the contact lenses are imported from another country, the whole labels in language of country of origin, import medical machinery permit or medical equipment registration number have to be shown in product package. At the same time, the company name, address and phone number of domestic factor also need to be printed on packaging of products.


How to select good contact lenses?

Credentials and identification

 Different people's eyes have different characteristics. Before purchasing contact lenses, professional optometry should be performed at a medical institution with qualifications or a business holding a "medical equipment business enterprise license." Whether it is suitable to wear contact lenses.

To purchase contact lenses, you should choose a qualified medical institution or a business that holds a Medical Device Operating Enterprise License.

 After purchasing contact lenses, pay attention to eye hygiene. Follow the instructions for use or carefully guide daily replacement. Pay attention to eye hygiene. If redness, swelling, tingling, or foreign body sensation occurs, stop replacing immediately, and contact the store in time for a professional inspection.

Online contact lenses should be qualified. According to relevant regulations, businesses engaged in Internet drug, medical device and other transaction services must undergo review and acceptance and obtain an Internet drug transaction service agency qualification certificate. Therefore, if you need to purchase contact lenses online, you must choose a regular online store or e-commerce website that holds the "Internet Drug Trading Service Agency Qualification Certificate" and "Medical Device Operating Enterprise License."


When buying contact lenses, you must choose an eyewear business that holds the Medical Device Business Enterprise License.

The use of unqualified beauty lenses by some consumers may lead to some eye problems, such as damage to the eyes by the pigment layer (beautiful pupils contain pigments, if the production technology is not good enough, over time, pigment substances may fall off and damage the eyes, causing inflammation);

Hypoxia of the cornea; discomfort in the eyes, cause dry eye, etc. US pupils belong to the third category of medical device supervision. Consumers, when purchasing US pupil products, safety is of paramount importance. They must recognize the medical device production licenses and product registration certificates for such products, without production licenses and product registrations. Please do n’t buy the certified products, and do not buy such products from enterprises without a business license.Hope you have great circle lenses shopping and wearing experience, Mecoeye is always here to help you.