Cosplay Contacts Blind Box Yearly Non-prescription Contacts

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There are 300+ styles colored contacts lens, so you never know what styles you will get until you open the box! If you want to try contact lenses, but don't have an idea to choose, this blind box is perfect for you.


Lenses on different eye color will show different effects. Pictures for reference only.

Power Range: 0.00
Lens Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%-42%
Replacement Cycle: Yearly
Material: HEMA

Blind Box: $9.99 PackingĀ  Ā Specification: 2 Pairs Randomly

Blind Box: $18.99 PackingĀ  Ā Specification: 4 Pairs Randomly

Blind Box: $25.99 PackingĀ  Ā Specification: 6 Pairs Randomly

šŸ˜˜Including but not limited to the lens shown in these pictures怐All lenses participated on blind box sale怑

  • Brand: Mecoeye
  • Type: Colored Contact Lenses
  • Material: HEMA
  • Lens BC: 8.60mm
  • Water Content: 42%
  • Replacement Cycle: 12 Month
  • Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
  • Package Size: Approx. 8 * 7 * 1cm / 3.15 * 2.76 * 0.39in
  • Package Weight: Approx. 20g / 0.04oz

Plano Lenses: If you do not require correction, please select 0.00 power.

Contact lenses are not one size fits all, please check with your Eye Care specialist to make sure whether the parameters are suitable for your eyes before purchasing.